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Breeders' World Online Sale is Tomorrow!!!

Selling October 17, 2013
on Breeders' World Online Sales!
  Please join us October 12th in Truro, IA
for an Open House with food, beverages, good times, & great cattle!
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Tag #1
Baja Catalina 3A ET
February 5, 2013
Purple Tonic 10M x Reload/145E
This one has been the favorite of many visitors this summer. Her mother is a Reload out of the famous 145E cow that has produced numerous national champions, elite donors, and A.I. sires. Catalina is no exception. She is sappy bellied, square hipped, and long necked. Not to mention she can flat out move. No guess work here. This one is flat good and predictably profitable. Retaining one future flush at seller’s expense.

Tag #2
Baja Stella 8A
February 17, 2013
ANL 57G Maverick 25M x CRR About Time 743
We love this one! She has the size and power it takes to win. She has that long extended choke neck with a flat shoulder. She’s got the swoop to the belly and you can’t make one any sounder or more flexible at the ground. This one is the real deal, if you don’t believe me, drive here and see for yourself. Retaining one future flush at seller’s expense

Tag #3
Baja Rosie 1A
January 4, 2013
TFR Cyrus 225 ET x LCG Master Class
A dark red Cyrus heifer with an abundance of belly and dimension that is truly going to be a power cow. This heifer hit the ground big and never stopped. Backed by a powerfully constructed and beautifully uddered mother, this one has what it takes to be in the chase. When she hairs up, you’ll see what I mean. Easy doing and gentle enough for a first timer. Bid with confidence.

Tag #4
Baja Lolo 15A ET
April 5, 2013
Purple Milsap 45S x Reload
This was a highly anticipated mating on our farm and it didn’t disappoint. Lolo’s mother was a many-time champion for the Core family in 2010 (click on thumbnail to see pic). This one has an elite look with plenty of dimension. She may be green now, but so is the money you’ll make off her as a donor. She has every piece it takes to make a great one. Just give her time. Retaining one future flush at seller’s expense

Tag #5
Baja LFC Pistol Annie 13A
March 10, 2013
Purple Currency 24U ET x Tonic/Channing
This one has the style you look for in a show heifer with the fundamentals you want in your cow herd. She is fluid on the move, flat shouldered, long spined, and extended through her front third, all with a stout hip and an added shot of power. We started flushing her mother this year and this one’s sure to find the donor pen as well. Retaining one future flush at seller’s expense.


Tag #6
Baja Pippa 10A
March 3, 2013
NJW 1Y Wrangler 19D x GQ/L1
Pippa is truly a diamond in the rough. She has some of the most proven genetics in the Hereford breed. Not to mention she is the biggest middled heifer in the offering. Take her home and breed her however you want, she’ll make the great ones



Tag #7
Baja Gretta 14A ET
April 6, 2013
CRR About Time 743 x Keynote
Here is a very well designed younger prospect sired by the world famous About Time. Her donor, L112, was no slouch either as she found the backdrop several times. She’s sweet fronted, cool made, and sound. This one will get better every day you own her. Don’t be shy

Tag #8
Baja Steer 12A
March 8, 2013
Purple Currency 24U ET x Tonic/Prophet
Truly a junior national or state fair contender! Currency is a bull that can do the most with the least and just look at what he does when you put him on a cow with plenty. This steer is a killer prospect and has every piece to be a lethal fat. I wouldn’t want to show against him. Don’t miss your chance to own him

Tag #9
Baja Steer 11A
March 7, 2013
THM Durango 4037 x Hereford
It’s not easy to get this much belly on a steer but this one could do it eating sagebrush. He’s soft made with added power and plenty of look. This is an easy doing steer that’s fit for a first timer that wants to be a contender. Special note: This steer is out of a non-registered purebred cow. He does come with a Hereford steer certificate but with the new JNHE rules, he won’t be eligible for Junior Nationals.

Tag #10
Baja Steer
March 21, 2013
Purple Currency 24U ET x Domino 
Stout featured, bold sprung, cool looking, and hairy! This steer has the right parts and is the right size to turn him loose and feed him straight into your state fair. 

These cattle all sell October 17, 2013!
Check back for more pictures and information
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