Monday, August 20, 2012

Iowa State Fair

The 2012 Iowa State Fair has come and gone, and once again it was a great one.  This year we added a new dynamic to our show string in the Open Hereford show.  Katie's parents, who are new to the Hereford family, brought a Purple Kingsley heifer to the show.  She is the first Hereford heifer bred and raised by Dennis and Roxanne.  To top it off, our new brother-in-law Matt showed her, which was also a first. 
Our show day started with a flurry as we had a heifer in each of the first three classes.  Matt started us off with a 4th place finish.  Our March heifer sired by About Time was just good enough to win a very tough class.  Next up was our Shock & Awe daughter that didn't fare quite as well.  Our yearling bred heifer sired by About Time also won her class, but was left standing in the division selection.  Then it was on to the bulls, which were in the same class.  Our Purple Milsap son stood second, and our About Time son was third. 
Our biggest win was when Baja Cattle was selected as Champion Hereford Herdsman, which was quite an honor.  We did a lot to keep our stalls clean, neat, and inviting. It was a great feeling to be selected for that award. 
Another fun part of our fair was when Brock, our cousin's son, was spotted with Dennis & Roxanne's heifer by the Iowa State Fair advertising campaign, so he got to film a commercial for next years fair.

Here is Brock in front of the camera and microphone.  His line was, "Happiness is a blue ribbon", which he had to say without his front two teeth, which he had just lost in the past couple weeks.

This is our broom man, Trey, with the Champion Hereford Herdsman trophy.  He's the one who kept our tack area and aisle clean. 

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